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Veri Shades

At Blinds & Curtains Australia, you would have an idea or two about what we sell: Blinds and Curtains. But wouldn’t it be better if the two were combined and you could get the best of both worlds and additional benefits? Veri Shades are exactly that. Veri Shades are revolutionary window coverings and can be called a combination of both blinds and curtains. There is often a thing or two in Blinds or Curtains that can let you down but with Veri Shades, every such possibility becomes non-existence. These are made from soft fabric where one side is made of mesh like fabric and translucent material while the other is opaque for light control. We have been receiving increasing orders with each passing day from Strathfield for our variety of Veri Shades.

Why Should You Have Veri Shades?

We have been fortunate enough to get the clients for the installation of Veri Shades across the areas of Strathfield and have found no complaints. There are several pros of Veri Shades that can benefit you:

  • As these are made of polyester fabric, they are resistant to soiling and fading.
  • These can also be easily detached and washed in case of dirt or fades.
  • There is also UV protection on these shades which amounts to 50+ and it restricts fading of shades as well as the interiors of the house.
  • The soft fabric of these shades can be hung aesthetically, and their light levels can be turned easily. You have control of light and air coming into your house.
  • You can get these in a single colour or dual-toned. There is a mix of colours which makes your curtains look pleasing to the eyes.
  • Veri Shades have a single track instead of a double track, meaning that there is not much load on the top of a window or a door. You can also match the colours of these shades with walls.

We take pride in our products and providing them at such a comfortable price. We take proper care of safety as well and thus our Veri Shades are 100% safe. If you have pets or children, there is always a little risk of encounters with chords. As Veri Shades are completely cordless, this risk is eliminated, and you can have a non-tangling and fully safe experience even with pets or children at home.


The no-cord system also eliminates the possibility of any kind of chains or weights on these shades. With none of these around, everything becomes easy as you can pass through them whether they are open or close. These veri shades can be pushed aside swiftly to make way for you and they return back to the original form immediately. Veri Shades can be extended to just under 6 meters which is another plus point. To get a free quote and free measurement for your house in Strathfield or in the areas near Strathfield, you can contact us through or ring us at (02) 8764 6174.

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