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Veri Shades in Leichhardt

Enjoy a new beginning for your windows by installing Veri shades. Veri shades actually have dual functions. You can enjoy the flexibility of a vertical blind and the elegance of sheer curtains at the same time. This compact product with versatile features is getting more popular day by day in Leichhardt. Let’s enlighten and darken your room with a single track of the fabric folds of veri shades.


The unique designs of veri shades put a different touch on your interior design. Their efficiency in checking the sunlight and other weather hazards and protecting indoors from those make them more popular. It covers the interior decors from fading due to direct sun rays. Veri shades maintain your privacy and give you a safe and secure room for your own time. It gives your room a mixed ambience of trending designs and traditional heritage. The amount of light and shade is easily controlled just by a twist of a wand. Thus, it is user-friendly and safe for the children in the house. Veri shades are nowadays available with automation features and can protect your room from UV rays with their polyester fabric.

Sit Back and Let Us Do The Work

Our expert installers will install the veri shades at your place in a fast and smooth way. Veri shades serve you quick and simple operations. No other additional equipment, hanger, or connecting chains are required for its installation. Veri Shades are very silent, even in a breeze. Their cleaning and maintenance are convenient and straightforward. Like wooden windows or blinds, you don’t even need to polish them over time to maintain the glaze. Cleaning with a wet cloth and drying is enough to refresh it. Veri Shades are made with easy-care fabrics and that resist fading issues. It comes with a wide range of designs and colours that suit best with your indoor decor. Various track colours and mixed fabric options will astonish you.


It serves you a durable function for long-lasting happiness. The brilliant designs of the veri shades speak for themselves. Corporate houses in Leichhardt are recreating their interior with these veri shades to enjoy an exceptionally beautiful and refreshed look. We can assure you to provide you with only the purest materials. From the traditional classic look to trendy stylish, we are here with every type of world-class design at your budget range. We are dedicated to creating a better idea for you, and that starts with your windows. Hype your house with designs that catch the eye. Other than personal houses, you can redefine the look of your business place, office, meeting hall or your restaurants, cafeteria and make that more attractive than others in Leichhardt.

Our consultant team is always available for all your queries. They are ready with every custom-made product, and for every dimension that suits. Enjoy the best quality material in Leichhardt at an affordable price with us. We care for your dream house and never let you compromise on your kind of luxury. Uplift the interior design and your social impression and walk into royalty by calling us at (02) 8764 6174 or

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