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Veri Shades Five Dock

While curtains are in the heart of people for their looks, they must be either open or closed, they cannot be both. As for blinds, they do the work, but they do not ooze that aesthetic ability. Veri Shades, on the other hand, can act as both at once for you. Veri Shades have been introduced with the intention of providing the convenience of blinds and lush look of curtains. These are the window coverings that have changed the way we see it. With large windows in your house in Five Dock, you can certainly go for Veri Shades and you will never regret it. It is not just visually pleasing for the eyes but has other benefits as well. The material of Veri Shades is of soft fabric with one side being mesh like and translucent and another side being opaque so the light can be controlled. Due to the increasingly high demand for Veri Shades in Five Dock and other allied areas, we have an extended assortment of these in our armour. You will be able to choose the design of your choice and the colour that can complement your walls or windows.

Tidbits of Veri Shades

Veri Shades are made of polyester fabric and it makes them resistant to soiling and fading. There is UV protection for the shades which would prevent them from fading away and protect the insides of your house as well. If by any chance, your Veri Shades catch any dirt, it is possible to detach them and wash them. You can have control over your Veri Shades as you can turn them around as per your need. Light levels coming inside, and the incoming air will be as per your desire. These also have a soft fabric material which makes them an eye-pleasing wonder that can be hung at the window.

Now get these Veri Shades in a single colour or the dual-toned combination. You can also have a mix and match of various colours for complementing your house. With no double track on these shades, there is a lack of pressure on the top, which makes them light and flexible.

Trust Our Choice

We are perfectly aware of the additional attention you must give when there are pets or children in the house roaming around. You have to child-proof the entire house to save them from mishaps. You will not need to be concerned with the installation of Veri Shades as they are completely safe. With blinds or curtains, there are often concerns of cords as the incidence of tangling has been encountered before. There are no cords at all in the Veri Shades, making them a perfect fit for your house. What is better? We have them at a very cost-effective price! Our team at Five Dock is well-equipped with all the necessary products and services to serve you with the finest quality. If you’re situated in Five Dock, call us at (02) 8764 6174 or mail us on for the free quote of your Veri Shades.

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