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Veri Shades in Drummoyne

Veri Shades are an innovative combination of flexibility of vertical blinds and the elegance of sheer and block out curtains. These are compact products with versatile features. The fabric folds can enlighten and darken the room with a single track.


It serves the function of both blinds and curtains within a single product. Veri shades are becoming more and more popular throughout Drummoyne for their uniqueness and efficiency. It gives your room a different look with trending designs and traditional heritage. It checks the entry of the sunlight and maintains the utmost privacy at your place. You can control the amount of light and shade in your room just by a twist of a wand. Thus, it is safe for the children in the house.


Veri shades offer you quick, simple, and safe operations. It does not require any different types of equipment like chords, weights, or connecting chains. So, with easy installation, veri shades are silent even in a breeze. The unique pattern of design allows converting into translucent or opaque fabric as per your requirements. Their curved folds give you an elegant look and designer solution for your place.

Choose the Best Than the Rest

To get a stunning look, veri shades serve you with extensive options. We have a wide range of track colours, mixed fabric options for you to renovate the interior of your house.


Cleaning and maintenance are no longer a headache for you. Veri Shades are made with easy-care fabrics, which resist fading and other issues. We never compromise with the quality of our product and serve our customers with considerable durability.


Veri shades bring a harmonious overlook to your room and protect you from UV rays with their polyester fabric. Brand new veri shades have a motorised option, which provides an excellent automation feature.


In Drummoyne, veri shades are becoming a trendy option for everyone. Big hotels, banquets, conference halls, theatres are installing our veri shades to glow up their places with trend and style. The brilliant designs of our veri shades will compel you to come back for more varieties. Redefine your interior design with veri shades and enjoy the happiness and refreshment within you. We have various sizes and designs available for every dimension. Give an aesthetic look to your place that catches the eyes. Our expert installers will set up the veri shades anywhere in Drummoyne as per your scheduled time. It is time to add a new life to your windows and give your house a bit of sparkle.

Reach Out To Us

Just make a call, fix a consultation with us, and we will help shape your dreams together. We can assure you of the best veri shades and installation service in Drummoyne within an affordable price range. We are dedicated to providing you with innovative designs of veri shades that furnish your room. Give your office, business place, or home a look beyond the ordinary. Let your veri shades steal the show. Do not hesitate and give us a chance to uplift the style statement of your home while you sit back comfortably. Just call us at (02) 8764 6174 or mail at

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