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Plantation Shutters in Strathfield

Plantation Shutters have been around for a long time now, in Strathfield as well. They act as blinds, but they have their own way of impression that can attract the eyes. Plantation shutters are also called interior shutters as they are basically window covering providing a conventional element for various interior design uses. Plantation shutters have a frame that fits the size of the window. There are also rows of slats for opening and closing, known as louvres.

Plantation Shutters are quite aesthetic, but it just does not stop there. Along with the appeal, our plantation shutters are as durable as they come. We make them use strong materials that are bound to last long and stick to your window for a while. While we have quite the new designs in Strathfield, Plantation Shutters are not a new term for people. In fact, the name itself has its own history to it. In the pre-Civil War era, people in the South of the USA had grand plantations in their home and a large window frame. For securing the plantation, they often used these shutters, thus resulting in such a name. Since that time, Plantation Shutters have never gone out of trend but only more and more updated with time.

Comforts of Plantation Shutters

Our Plantation Shutters possess some of the utilities for your house and they are elaborated as:

  • Being in the market for too long, there have been all kinds of experiments done with the varieties in this department. With the variation of Timber, PVC or aluminium. You may go for a particular design you like or a specific colour that complements your window or wall.
  • As mentioned before, Plantation Shutters used to be well-known a long time ago. People with royal houses were particularly fond of these. Thus, it gives a certain royal vibe to your house. They can increase your home value and add some additional worth.
  • At Blinds and Curtains Australia, our team ensures the durability of materials. We would never want our clients to be disappointed and hence we serve them with the best. Our Plantation Shutters are made from high quality material which will assist in making them stay at a place for years or even decades to come.
  • Even with a range of features of Plantation Shutters, you would assume they are complicated to use. On the contrary, they are completely easy to operate and can be opened or closed with ease. Even the children in your home will find it simple to operate.
  • Talking about children, these are fully childproof. There are no hooks or wires attached that would pose any kind of harm. We go the extra mile to ensure safety as we consider the vulnerability of children and pets in your house. You can have these attached anywhere and it wouldn’t be an issue.

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