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Plantation Shutters Five Dock

“The Classics never go out of trend.” This is not just a mere quote but an evident truth as well. One such ideal example is Plantation Shutters that still hold the same relevancy as they did when they were first introduced way back. Serving the purpose of blinds, they have several features that can make them stand out. These are known as interior shutters too as they are window covering with an ability to protect the interior designs of your house in Five Dock. A neat frame fitting your window’s size adds to helping with the outdoor weather. Louvres are also attached which are basically the rows of slats to open and close.

Don’t you wonder where certain things find their origin from? Plantation Shutters have a rich history to them as well. It is only their classic appeal that has kept them around for so long. People in the South during the pre-Civil war era had massive-sized plantations in the house itself with big window frames. There were shutters used to protect those plantations and keep them safe, giving the name of Plantation Shutters. As they have been in use for a long time, there was no mixing and muddling with materials and thus they are quite durable and strong. While there have been no changes in the style, there has been in the products. Originally only available in timber, plantation shutters are now available in both PVC and aluminium. We have certainly upped the ante of Plantation Shutters as we possess varying designs that come in a lot of different colours. We can provide you with your desirable designs anywhere in Five Dock and you will know why we are the best in business.

Plantation Shutters used to be a symbol of luxury. The royals and rich Londoners used to have them equipped in their houses, which immediately gives off a luxurious vibe. Your house in Five Dock could use this and add a little touch of lushness for the guests. We are updated with the trends, yet we believe in the strong conventional method which makes our plantation shutters last for years. Their durability is impressive and will sustain even the most extreme situations.

Why are we the Pick-of-the-Bunch?

At Blinds and Curtains Australia, you will find numerous designs and colours for Plantation Shutters. With new trends coming up every single day, we are quite updated with them and give our best effort in serving you with endless alternatives, the rest is upon you to choose. Plantation Shutters are also amazingly simple to use. It is easy to open or close them and even the little kids can get this job done. You might think that they can be hazardous for little kids but that is not the case at all. With no wires or hooks anywhere in these shutters, there is no chance of risks. Our team in Five Dock ensures that safety is given the primary concern and does not pose a risk to anybody.


We have been receiving orders from all parts of NSW and our personnel makes its best attempt to match your expectations. We are open in Five Dock to serve you with the finest Plantation Shutters out there. Just list down the requirements and recite them to our team through or call (02) 8764 6174 to get a free quote.

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