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Curtains in Ashfield

If there is something in your house that can instantly catch the eyes of a guest, it is curtains. Curtains have multiple purposes to serve at once. They can be visually appealing to people and can also save the interior of your house if they are strong enough to do so. With a proper quality curtain for your window, you can have several benefits. It stops the heat from coming inside the house and it can complement your walls nicely if you choose the appropriate one. Do not wait any more and get the finest curtains from us for your home in Ashfield.

About Us

Blinds and Curtains is a family-owned business that has been serving the people of Ashfield and other suburbs of NSW for a long time now. Being in the same field that has been passed on has provided us with a valuable experience that can be of great assistance in satisfying our clients’ needs. We are aware of the desires of varying families and thus possess a tremendous assortment of curtains that are sure to woo you. There is no pressure upon you to be our clients, but we do make a pretty strong case in convincing you.

A Fine Collection

A small house or a big mansion? Nuclear family or a big joint family? Living alone or having kids? We have got everything for everyone! Little things really do matter and it is not just a quote. There are infinite decorative patterns and designs for everyone. Ranging from plain coloured curtains to a dual-toned setting, we excel in everything. If you have kids in your house, we can make customised curtains to include their favourite cartoons to make their boring days more cherishable. You name what you want, and we will try our level best to serve you with it.

Supreme Quality

How often have you come across the curtains that have dirt all over them, have faded or have cuts on them, making it a dull presentation for the guests? It doesn’t happen with our products. While making the product from the scratch, we leave no dots unconnected and ensure that there is durability right from the start. We consider the high-quality material to ensure that it does not wear off in just a few months after installation. Once you have subscribed to the service from us, we are guaranteed to send you back a happy and satisfied customer.

Connect With Us

Your long and extensive search for the best curtains in Ashfield finally ends here. At our enterprise, we consider every small and big thing to give you an all-around experience of what the top-of-the-line product looks like. It is upon you to name what you want, and on us to give you the same. Trust me when we say it, we are just one call away from you and we will be at your feet to provide you with the best. You can always call us at (02) 8764 6174 or compose a mail at

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