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Zebra Blinds and Outdoor Blinds in Strathfield

Blinds & Curtains is a family-owned business enterprise and does the finest work of attending to our clients with high-quality services. We are based in NSW and in the suburbs  Homebush, Homebush West, Strathfield, South Strathfield, North Strathfield and other places of the like . We have a variety of blinds and curtains that can put anyone in awe. We deal in an assortment of blinds such as roller blinds, vertical blinds, zebra blinds, roman blinds, outdoor blinds.

Our Three Principles

Blinds & Curtains has often done the homework of understanding our clients and what they want. Thus, we have focused on those core areas and turned them into our primary principles:

Great Price

At Blinds & Curtains, you will find the best prices for quality products all over Strathfield. Our zebra blinds and outdoor blinds are the centrepiece of our collection and they never fail to amaze through their prices or the quality. You would be surprised to know how much we offer for how little cost. With a great price, we don’t compromise in quality.

High Quality

We are the MythBusters of “Low price, cheap quality”. We do offer low prices and we also offer the finest quality you will see in Strathfield. As a family-owned business, we are very aware of what other families of Strathfield require and what they should be given. The primary emphasis is often on the standards of our products and services so you do not have to be concerned and can completely rely on us, leading us to the third principle.


You can be entirely dependent on us to serve you as the best out there. With great prices, high quality, we ensure that you can rely on us as well and find no chances to complain. In our endless contracts till date, we have not found any client who has been disappointed, and we are guaranteed of the fact that there won’t be in the future.

Australia’s Own

Blinds & Curtains are an Australian-based and operated family business that has been handling tons of contracts for customers. Along with the domestic services, we also have the brains and brawns to handle the commercial contracts. You can contact us for your office requirements for zebra blinds, outdoor blinds, etc. anywhere in Strathfield and we will not let you down.

There are various sorts of colours and ranges in our collection of zebra blinds and outdoor blinds that are bound to impress you and leave you asking for more. We take pride in our work and the efforts we all put in. It is our dedication and determination that has allowed us to come this far and serve as many customers as possible.

Free Consultation

The minute you feel like you are in the requirement of any sort of blinds or curtains, think of Blinds & Curtains Australia and we will be right by you anywhere in Strathfield. The consultation and quote are entirely free and all you got to do is connect with us. Pick up your cell and ring (02) 8764 6174 or mail us at After this, you can rely on us to handle the entire proceeding.

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