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Zebra Blinds Ashfield

Are you still confused about choosing the appropriate window treatment? Hold on. Let us introduce you to the best zebra blinds in Ashfield. Despite having astonishing wall painting, proper lighting, and other decorations, your room may look dull if the zebra blinds are not installed in the windows.

Zebra blinds are indoor blinds with sheer sunscreen and solid wave fabric. When you pull it down, the solid fabric stripes overlap and block the sun’s entry. Similarly, when you align it in such a way that the sheer fabric strips overlap, the light is let in. Different colour combinations and zebra blinds’ design brings a unique look to your windows or your room. Besides providing extra gorgeousness to your interior zebra blinds, protect the furniture from fading due to weather effects.

Additional Savings

Excessive light from the sun will increase your room temperature. To avoid that, you will close all the windows, darken the room, and turn on the electric light the whole day. Say No to such an amount of money wasted on energy bills. With brand new zebra blinds in Ashfield, you can easily control the optimum brightness in your room via your window. The transition of your room from sunlit to dark will be done in seconds. Enjoy your privacy in your room by darkening your room by adjusting zebra blinds.

Escalating Use of Zebra Blinds

Zebra blinds present you with a perfect amalgamation of beauty and functionality. A modern window covering like zebra blinds enhance your room’s appearance to the next level in Ashfield. A new type of window treatment will reflect your taste of choice and uplift your social status in Ashfield.

Nowadays, many hotels, restaurants, corporate houses, and personal houses are installing zebra blinds in their windows as part of the trend in Ashfield. The vision range of the zebra window is another feature created by the double layer of fabrics. The visibility depends on from which side of the window light is coming. In the daytime, there is sunlight outside, so you can easily see the outside through the zebra blinds. But at night outside it is dark, and the room inside has light. So, the reverse happens, and that is why it is also called a day and night window.

We serve the best quality zebra blinds in Ashfield with a wide range of colour combinations and designs for the windows. Be it a big or small window, bedroom or conference hall, Corporate meeting room or party house- we have every kind of product at a reasonable price with the easy installation procedure.

Some Hidden Features about our Blinds

Other than light controlling and privacy maintaining, zebra blinds also perform different aspects, which cumulatively make your choice a unique one in Ashfield. Different types of fabrics allow you to choose heavy or light striped blinds. Both the light entering, and room-darkening fabrics are available in a bold, bright hue or in a neutral tone. Versatile design options make it easy for you to follow a contemporary look or go for the traditional one. The interior protection from outward weather hazards is another perk of installing zebra blinds. Nowadays, motorised zebra blinds do not require any cord for their use, and thus they become safe for the children of the house.
If you have more queries or are confused about the fabrics and design, do not worry, and just give us a call at (02) 8764 6174 or mail us at Our experienced consultancy team will show you the best version of windows in Ashfield and make you fall in love with it.

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